03 September 2008

BoomBoom (BangBang)

Hello!  Meet my new webcam!  I went to town and ran errands, paid bills, and stopped by the library for awhile.  I decided to use some of the dollars I'd left after paying ahead on all my bills on the long awaited webcam (walmart eighteen bucks).  So I just took this pic just half hour ago.  *{hello}*

It's incredibly busy and crowded in town right now.  In part cuz we have lots of evacuees sheltered in the area.  In part cuz it always is busy on the third of the month, folks receive their checks then and get all busy cashing them and spending them.  Of course, my mail didn't run til 3p, so schools let out and folks were rushing around from work before they headed home.

So while I spent lots of extra time in the car, I listened to the radio, sang along and in some cases did some seated dances.  Big Head Todd and the Monsters "BoomBoom" (BangBang) was especially appropriate for my mood today!  Cuz they like the way I talk, they like they way I walk; when I talk the talk and walk the walk.



  1. Hi Debra's web cam...lol
    Nice SMILE!!!


  2. YOU have a GREAT smile.   Anne

  3. Shebang, Shebang!  


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