10 September 2008

french heir and lice

We all do this, I'm sure.  Attempt to say two words at one or say something that isn't exactly what ya meant, close but not so.  I've been doing that lots within the past month.  Usually it's pretty funny.

Like when I told the doctor that she looked very lice.  I was saying lovely and nice at the same time and it came out like she had pests.  Not the most wonderful thing to do when she's the psychiatrist.  With a pen in hand.  And your chart open to today's visit.

Earlier today, I was attempting to say that I needed to get some fresh air.  It came out like I'm horny for royalty.  I solemnly noted that I needed to get some french heir.

Spoonerisms and Freudian slips?  Perhaps.  I think in most cases I grab a word that is filed in the same general area in my brain.  Like when I ask for ketchup when I mean mustard.  Or say that I'm trying to find my lock when I mean that I'm trying to find my keys.

I'm rather well known for attempting to speak coherently when I'm still fuzzy-brained with sleep.  Like when I insist that I need my thing to catch the stuff while gesturing stridently.  That incident happened when I was about ten and has provided much amusement for my family over the years.  I fell asleep in front of the TV while a baseball game was on and was awoken rather abruptly so was not quite awake and wanted my glove (which I did not have in reality but did in my dream state).

Sometimes I know that I am having problem accessing the right words, and this makes me more frustrated because I know what I want to say...I just am not linking correctly and am not communicating clearly or effectively.  Other times, a jumbled word will tumble out of me and I'll catch it right away and can easily explain why I said mass instead of mug or glass.  But most of the time, I communicate rather well.

I thow.


  1. I think the English language needs a few new words. I'm sick of awesome amd amazing!   Anne

  2. I'm with Anne.  Something new and different might be fun.  Your predicament reminds me of the many years I was a sleep walker (perhaps I am still -- dunno).  If someone talked to me I could answer ... but never with appropriate phrases.  Made for some interesting conversations.

  3. I'm constantly fumbling words. Paul has been telling me for the longest time I have my own language. Then again he's one to talk, his latest was "Does my VOICE smell?" huh....

    Personally, I like the cute ism's you come up with from time to time. (Hugs)Indigo


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