23 September 2008

from the public library

dudes!  it's been so long, how've ya been; whatcha doin'; what's new; and all that other good stuffs {wink}.

Last week's Monday, MeMom came for a week's visit and it was such a good one, too!  I've not seen her since last November, so we yammered and chatted and got all caught up.  Stellar visit!  She drove back to her home yesterday's Monday, so that's it til next time.

On Tuesday (last week's Tuesday that'd be), we took my computer to have it fixed.  He took it apart while we were there and ewwwwwwwwww the filthy fuzz made me ashamed of my housekeeping skillz {i don't have them}.  He said that actually my computer was one of the cleanest he's ever seen.  So, ya know, take the proud moments where ya can get em!

So the guy said that it'd be ready Thursday.  So I called Thursday and he said that it'd be ready Monday.  So I called Monday and he said uhmm, Thursday...?  So I think I'll just go see him on Thursday.  What makes me a bit nervous is that as time goes by, folks tend to forget where all the tiny pieces go, ya know?

So, "hello" from the local public library {where I hafta wear pants, sigh, that is if i want to return evah agin}.  I hope to return to the journal by the end of the week.  If you've been posting and not getting any comments from me, ya will...my eMail's piled high with alerts.

Hope all's well with all youse guys {grin}.

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  1. All's well here and I'm guessing it's taking a while to get the PC fixed, cause you're like you know, in a slow movin' southern state.  LOL

    Here ... you'd have had it back pronto!  

    Glad to see your words and look forward to more posts.  :)


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