03 September 2008

one sweet lil nut

For quite some time, my friend Mary Jo Bramble {my nutella} posting From the Edge of Dementia, has referred to me as "lil nut".  Since various folks refer to me as "sweet girl", "sweetness", and other sweet diminutives; I've combined the lovely labels {sweet lil nut} in a few of the subject lines for severals posts of late.

Earlier, I was thinking that if I were a nut, I'd be a hazelnut/filbert (and yes, that is what the spread, nutella, is made of).  They're small, round, and certainly not perfect.  Their exterior is protective of the inner kernel, but not too tough to crack.  They're sweet and unpretentious.  Delightful, really.

And best of all?  Just the right size to pop in your pocket and take with you thru-out your day.  Whenever you need/want some reassurance, I'm right there, in your pocket...cheering you on.  Being supportive, accepting you, and providing encouragement.

Ya know, being a friend.


  1. Nutella is the best. I resisted it for years until this spring.  It's good with peanut butter too. A nutella crepe (sp?) dusted with powered sugar is divine.  Anne

  2. Never tried Nutella. I know...what in hell is wrong with me? I've looked at it almost every time I go to the grocery store!
    My nut would have to be a cashew...but I couldn't put it in my pocket. It would crumble into a million pieces the minute I sat down. I dont think they travel well. Ha!

  3. Yes, being a friend.  ;)


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