09 September 2008

Dawning Darkly

Today dawned darkly.  Remaining overcast throughout the day, the skies sometimes drizzled and sometimes poured down with righteous rage.  I stayed in, rather than venture forth and risk the wrath.

I spent much of the day drinking tea and reading John Lescroart.  I've finished a few of his books but still have two more that I borrowed from our local public library.  I think I may have to renew them as I am not up to speed with my reading.

Last night, I picked up a crochet hook for the first time in over a month and began a new project that was not even on my queue.  It's to be a shawl for the lovely Miss Amazing (I really do call her that and have addressed eMail and regular snail mail since the very beginning in just this way!).  Since she doesn't read my journal (she knows I have one, and I've sent her entries and such, she just doesn't venture forth all that often), and since I know that you guys can keep a secret (shhhhhhhhhhhhh), and since I love giving gifts and get all excited about doing so...I'm spilling the proverbial beans!

  This is the simple shawl and I'm doing it in a soft blue for Miss Amazing.  She is very slight of frame and has dislocated her shoulder awhile back.  It never healed completely and when she gets cold, she tends to tense up, hunching her shoulders and ends up being sore for days.  Something light yet warm would help lots, so that's what I'm doing!

Since I now have a cam again, I'll take pix and post 'em as I go!


  1. I need to pick up the knitting or crotchet soon myself. I have a friend who is going to have a baby in 3 months. I definitely want to learn to knit the harder patterns. My daughter is going to be showing me how to use a machine to sew, seeing as I've been interested in making quilts.

    I love this shawl. I think Miss Amazing will absolutely love it. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Cool!  You know Sweet Girl, you had inspired me to go back to crocheting ... as I had put it aside for many years ... and my tense, stiff, slightly crooked fingers don't cooperate any more.  So, I'm still picking it up now and again, but with little success.

    I just live my crochet life vicariously through you.  ;)


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