08 July 2010

suds 'n scrubs & officers too

I was gonna post some pix, but then I thought, dignity debra, leave the man some shred of dignity. My Jerry had all the staples removed, yes, but that wasn't what I found photo~worthy. A barber shaved his head, so now he looks like the Jerry I know, yes, but that wasn't what I found photo~worthy.

My Jerry took his first shower in four weeks today! With a back~scrubber and everything! My god, but he is human~and feels that way too! That, I found photo~worthy. But nope, I refrained.

And boy is he glad.


Well, today was another big~ass day. We got lots done tho, and it was a good day. We got lots done, in addition to a few finds.

Along with a myriad of other errands, we also stopped by our local highway~patrol office so I could speak with someone in person. See, as of tomorrow, it's been four weeks since My Jerry's motorcycle accident. Now I can understand an unreturned call due to a vacation, or busyness, or forgetfulness, or whatnot...but three over the span of four weeks, mmmmmmmmmnnot so much.

The reason I was calling them was that the state trooper who responded to Jerry's accident, and wrote the accident report, mistakenly decided at the end of the report {page five of six and page six of six} that what was once a motorcycle was now a car. We weren't contesting the accident, nor the write~up of it. We just wanted the report to accurately and consistently reflect that it was indeed a motorcycle that my husband was riding.

Oh, and please note that this little box that says, "no EMS required" was marked, and very inaccurate. Cuz not only did EMS respond, and transport my unconscious husband to the local hospital, but they didn't feel that they could adequately address his injuries so they then transported him to the nearest trauma unit which was over an hour away. Yeah, could we get that lil notation fixed too? Thanks.

I've been courteous with my messages, but I was losing patience. So today, spur of the moment, I pulled into the highway~patrol lot and lo! and behold! there was a very nice, and it turns out, efficient officer who we spoke with, explained the situation, and left the matter in his truly capable hands. And when we got back from Tupelo, we had a lovely message on our voice~mail telling us that not only was the matter corrected, but we can pick up the accurate report tomorrow.

Whatta man! Thanks, Officer Dude! We love you!


  1. A nice cop??? AND a bath??? What a great day!!

  2. As Toon said - What a great day! Love ya baby!


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