09 July 2010

off loading

I'm starting to wear down. Yeah, I know, bitch bitch whine whine moan groan, right? Today was a full day of errands for me. I got alot done, and the accomplishments were good to have checked off my list. But man, I'm T~A~R~D tired.

This morning, I stopped by the post~office. I'm not sure, but I think someone pissed in the teller's cornflakes this morning. Cuz he was in a mood.

Then I went to pick up the corrected accident report, and the secretary there was a snot, but the dispatch was nice. I think power, or the illusion of power, goes to some folks' heads and since they have no power in other areas of their pathetic lives, they seize what they can when they can. The dispatch, however, was super~sweet and she really went the extra distance for me. Kudos!

Then I went to see the Wm Wells dudes, you might remember me referring to them as the Fix~it Dudes from a few years back. They are incredible folks, friendly and fabulous! Since My Jerry's bike is no more, we will be relying on the Sanford Truck more often. I call it the Sanford Truck cuz I hear the funky soundtrack in my head whenever I open the door. It's a bit rough around the edges, a 1983 GMC pick~em~up. A little truck, but a boat compared to my Yaris, so parking can be a real bitch. Actually, parking's not bad, it's the getting out of the slot that sucks. So anyway, we wanted to make sure we have a good spare, so I dropped off a tire to be fit onto a different rim, cuz dude, the old rim was rusted thru in areas and the rubber wouldn't create a tight enough seal. So the spare wouldn't have been good to use in a pinch, which is exactly when ya need it...in a pinch.

I also arranged for Jerry's first physical therapy appt. He will be going three times per week, for six weeks. He'll be going to the same place where I'd gone a few years back. So maybe at the end, he can go ahead and get a membership at the Wellness Connection attached to the physical therapy building, and start to enjoy the pool and such. We'll see.

And then I stopped to pick up The Chair. Right now, Jerry is using a hospital bed. But eventually, that will go back. And we don't have a suitable place for him to sit. A few weeks before the accident, we'd gotten rid of his old recliner, cuz it fell apart. So we were going to think about getting another. But then this happened and now we don't have the luxury of waiting. So we had stopped at a few places yesterday...and he said that the one he liked the best, cuz it was the most comfortable, was at the Palmer Home for Children's thrift store. We got it for twenty bucks. So today, the folks there loaded it into the truck and I cleaned it some while it was outside. But then I felt a few suspicious droplets and I heard thunder, so I brought it up on the porch.

And I topped it all off with a WalMart excursion. Whilst they were refilling Jerry's meds, I picked out a birthday card, picked up some more food, and other essentials like toothpaste {I don't feel secure unless I have an extra tube in the closet. Ya just never know when you might have to use an entire tube, RIGHT NOW.

By the time I got home, I was tuckered. The heat index at 4pm is at a whopping 105 degrees. We had manicotti for dinner, and Jerry and I sat down with the check books. He has done the finances for thirty some years and so not being able to do them this past month has really been bothering him. I've been keeping records, but haven't written anything in the actual registers, cuz I know Jerry has his own methods and I knew he'd feel better if he could go thru and see what's what. So we sat down with all the receipts for debit card purchases, ATM withdrawls, and a long record of all I've been maintaining for his approval. I've been writing checks for the bills, and keeping track of all that too. So after we ate, I got all the stuff and we went over the books together; everything balances and now he feels better just knowing what our financial picture is at the moment.

I also showed him all the clothes and his helmet from the accident. He can still wear the shoes, eventually. And his belt is still good. The helmet, of course, is not. It's mishapen and cannot be worn again. The clothes were all cut from his body, so none of them are any good anymore. Jerry loved the shirt {"I love cats; but I can't eat a whole one"} which he had picked cuz later that evening, we were supposed to attend a cook~out at his mother's assisted living home. Apropos, right? And he loved those jeans {"man, but that sucks. {sigh} I really liked those jeans. {sigh} I know WalMart has others. But damn. {sigh}"}.

And we also went thru all the stuff from his wallet. Which was a mess. Totally understandable, cuz they had to rifle thru it to find his insurance and also his contact information. What's weird is, we put the emergency list in there for me, with all my info {Dx, Rx, allergies, names/numbers, etc}, never once thinking, "well, this works for him as an emergency contact sheet too". But it did, and that was good.

He actually hasn't gone thru his wallet in a long time, so there was all sorts of stuff tossable. Now it's organized and I've returned his driver's license and his insurance cards, which I'd been carrying with me for the past four weeks.

Then Jerry reached his limit, and lay down for a few minutes. And fell asleep. Which was cool. But he startled awake and started to ramble on about a grey and red sportscar and got really mad that I didn't know exactly what he was talking about. Cuz dammit, it was GREY. And RED. And it was a SPORTScar. A GREY one. Or maybe a RED one with grey. But it was definitely something.

Then he dropped back to sleep and I thought, "he makes much more sense than I do when I wake from a dream, where I lost the THING to catch the STUFF with."


  1. I hope he doesn't have vehicle nightmares now -- but I'd understand why if he did.

  2. Words fail me. I can't let folks know how much I love you wand what your care in this trying time has met to me. You ARE VERY SPECIAL! Love ya baby! - Your cripple/patient/significant other!


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