31 July 2010

sharing the chucks!

A friend sent me the link for a slideshow of fifty vintage ads with contemporary commentary. She'd worked in our local public library. So when I saw this with the caption, "wow, librarians where hot back in the day", I just had to grab it.

Other than this one {#30 of 50}, I found quite a few mildly funny and a few that made me burst into chuckles. It was hard to pick one, cuz there are so many to choose from. And I'm not even thru yet!

There were a shit~load of beer and cigarette ads {oh so glamorous}. And of course, lots of women in the kitchen cooking or cleaning {vacuums, laundry detergent, kitchen appliances}. Some for electronics that seem bulky and obsolete now, but were cutting edge technology then {Apple, mighty mini}. And of course, folks are absurdly happy, just as they are today, in most ads.

Thanks, Andrea, I love getting your notes!

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  1. Well -- it can get pretty hot in those libraries....


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