02 July 2010

Independence Day

As you know, usually I am crocheting something or other. But since My Jerry's accident, I've not been feeling to crochety {wait, that came out wrong...I have been crotchety, like a crabby ole lady...at times; just not crochet'ee...sigh, oh forget it}. Aaaaaaannee~way, I've not been crocheting.

This really would be the ideal time to do so tho. My Jerry's been watching a ton of TV. We've been watching the CSI, NCIS, and similar shows together. When Jerry fires up the Flintstones, SpongeBob, Jetsons, and other cartoons, I usually escape to the computer. Ditto for his "UFO" DVDs. And for certain movies. He can watch allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll he wants. I just gotta make my exit at such times.

For those of you who were following along a few months back, you might recall that Jerry and I were going to be heading north to visit our BestMan Bill, along with some other folks. We were to leave today for that eighteen hour jaunt. In all likelyhood, we'll postpone that trip for a year or so. We'd briefly, VERY briefly, thought about giving it a go for the fall foliage, but nope. Cuz dudes, My Jerry heals fast, but I do think that would be pushing it.

Instead, we may return to Natchez, where we went after our wedding last fall, and stay in the bed and breakfast. I didn't say for our honeymoon, cuz as far as I'm concerned, we're still on our honeymoon. {quitcher gaggin'} Besides, that'd be a great idea, cuz two weeks after our first anniversary is my fortieth birthday. So we can combine celebrations.

Well, getting back to our BestMan Bill...in honor of our forecasted visit, he was gonna have a huge get~together at his place for a fourth of July cook~out with fireworks and all that stuff. Last year, I think, we went to Jerry's youngest son's place down in Mobile. We had a crawdad boil, with corn, potatoes, and mushrooms {omg, sooOOOOooo good}. I can't tell ya what we were doing the year before that, cuz "we" weren't! We hadn't yet met.

This year, now, we will be spending our fourth cool and indoors. Jerry will be watching some TV, DVDs, and such. And I will be doing whatever. I may even decide to participate in one crochet blog's Christmas in July event.

At any rate, enjoy your independence, I know we are! Oh, and be safe. Especially in your travels. Ya always gotta watch out for the other guy.

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