16 July 2010

look ma! I'm quoting you!

Hello from the FLPL of years gone by! Long~time readers may recall that I was unable to use my computer for awhile and had made regular visits to my Freakin' Local Public Library. The main reason I had slapped "freakin'" on there had nothing to do with the library itself, I like the place and people. It mostly had to do with the fact that I was unable to use my laptop and spent lots of time at the FLPL...and their computers sometimes were up and running, sometimes not, and sometimes I could access my accounts, mostly not {cookies and public places do NOT mix}. And using another computer besides my own brings to mind something my mother always says, that computers are like toothbrushes, you should only use your own.

My Jerry's PT appt is not til 4:30 today, so we decided to have a late start to our day. I brought him in to work at about 11 and then I tootled around, cuz I didn't want to drive home. I thought that I'd stop at a local coffee shop that's fairly eco~friendly and catch up on some reading. But when I went by, the windows were dark, and I noticed piles of fabric and stacks of chairs within...yeah, so I'm thinking it may have gone out of business. Not terribly surprising, as the hours were not convinient nor consistent.

So here I am at the FLPL. Which is kinda cool, it's not crowded and sorta peaceful. The odd thing is that now I'm chilly. It's over a hundred degrees out and a good thirty degrees cooler inside the building. So brrrrrrrr. Now I understand why the staff here are always wearing long sleeves. That and the fact that most are skinny lil minnies {I'm not exactly sure why, but the computer I'm using is named "minnie" and the one next to me is "pluto"...I'm guessing the easy identification helps when printing and also for maintenance purposes}.

I've been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for this weekend. Today, there was 40% chance of rain. That 40% was 100% correct, cuz it's not just raining out, but downright storming..complete with thunder booms and high winds and flash floods.

Yeah, so I'm thinking that tomorrow's 60% chance means that it might be a good idear to hold off on hauling a bed in the GMC truck. The mattresses might get wet and no one likes to sleep on a wet mattress. No one.

Even using tarps, tie~downs, and bungee cords...and lots of duct~tape...there is no such thing as waterproofing a load in an open~bed truck. Previous experience has borne this out time and again. Especially if you're hauling for a distance more than cross~town.

Yeah, so maybe a change in plans?


  1. Yep - sounds like a change of plans is in order. May actually have to spend the day with your cripple - - errrr - husband!
    Love ya!

  2. The computer/toothbrush analogy is brilliant.


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