29 July 2010

love this idea

Earlier today, while waiting for a handy~man to come help with assorted jobs {like the shower head and tub~spout, hanging a towel~rod, and installing the hardware for me to hang a curtain~rod}, I decided to start going thru the small pile of magazines that we've been accumulating. I haven't had the time to do so before, but this was the perfect time, cuz I didn't want to be in the middle of scrubbing the floor or setting up the recycling station when the dude showed up. So most of it was crap and not worth the ink and pulp that was wasted to print it. But, I did find some tids and bits that were pretty interesting. Including a short article on MobMov in a mag that Geico puts out.

MobMov is a shortened form for "mobile movies". Remember drive~ins? Shuddup if you're way too young but think you may have been conceived at one. Basically, this is the modern drive~in experience.

You can sign~up at the site: http://mobmov.org/ This allows you to join a hub, which are numerous...believe it or not but Mississippi has more of them than what may be assumed to be more progressive places, like Oregon! Then when someone decides to have a showing, there is an eMail sent to you {some hubs offer a service which calls your home or cell} telling you when and where. You show up. Tune your radio. Watch the movie.

It's that simple!

From an organizer's stand~point, it's a lil more involved. Folks use the exterior walls of abandoned buildings, warehouses, grocery~stores, etc. as the viewing~screen. In order to show a movie, one person uses their car to power a laptop and projects the movie from their computer onto the screen. A lil modern technology goes a long way toward enjoying the drive~in experience! But you, as the audience, don't have to worry about a thing! After all, do you worry about how the indoor~cinema works?

I think this is a great idea! You might remember an entry that I'd written last summer about a local community organization that showed several movies using a canvas hung over a local elementary school's outside wall. Folks spread out on the grassy lawn, sitting on chairs, laying on blankets, eating snacks or fast~food, or munching on popcorn and slurping sodas for sold by the hosting organization. I loved that!

And right here, in Starkville, we have a hub that participates in the MobMov. Well played, Starkvillians, well played. wink.

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  1. I for one would like to see "Invasion of the Saucer Men" projected on an old industrial building in some deserted part of town.


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