01 July 2010

Out and about

Last Sunday, Jerry decided to visit his mom {she lives in an assisted living home}. So we used the wheel~chair, and visited her for a bit and then I picked up some pizza and we came home. That was a big outting at that time.

Last night, Jerry mentioned that he was in the mood for a hamburger. I'd asked him to give some thought to what he might want to eat over the next couple days, cuz I figured we'd go get a burger today and I'd stop at WalMart and pick up some food along with a refill of his pain medication. We thought Jerry might be up to using his wheeled~walker.

So I get down Wendy's and realize that I did remember the list, the Rx, my phone, but totally forgot my wallet {money, debit card, and his driver's license so I could get his meds}. So we drove back to the house. Since being in the seated position, with his leg down, tends to get a bit painful, I could tell things were starting to tax him some.

After running back home for my wallet, we finally went into Wendy's and I ordered our food whilst he sat at a table. I ate way Way WAY too much, cuz I ate my sandwich and a good portion of Jerry's. Ugh. Note to Self: portion size, debra, portion size. {sighs} big eye~roll

When we were leaving Wendy's, we discussed our exit strategy. We decided that I would pull the car up into the handicapped spot and that way it'd be a shorter distance for Jerry to walk/wheel, and be much easier for him to actually get into the car. So while I moved the car, Jerry started to get himself together.

A helpful woman held the doors for him and said, "here, let me help you out while your daughter brings the car around." Jerry said that he felt about eighty years old and wanted to start to speak in a high~pitched creaky old voice. She was so nice about it, Jerry didn't have the heart to correct her.

So then I went to WalMart and Jerry stayed in the car. The windows were down and the soda was handy, but I still tried to hurry things along as much as possible. He was started to flag and between being tired and having some pain, I was concerned that I do this as quickly as possible.

Well, the folks in the pharmacy were extra~speedy today, so by the time I had the food altogether, the Rx was ready. I can tell you that is not my typical experience at WalMart with their pharmacy. I like most of the folks who work there, but there is one woman that moves at glacial speed, molasses in January moves swifter than she does.

So now we're home. Poor Jerry is exhausted, and in another few minutes, I'm sure he will be sleeping. The pain meds knock him out and he had a big day with all that getting in and out of the car and riding around!

That's ok, cuz I think we are in for the week. We've got plenty of food and drink, popsicles and ices, and the dogs have plenty of food now {thanks!!}. So I don't think there is any reason we need to getting out in holiday traffic.

A week from today, we return to Tupelo to see the ortho~dude. Jerry gets his staples removed. So we're looking forward to that.

No rush tho, I think Jerry may have overdone it today.


  1. A beautiful bacon cheeseburger is an all-powerful tonic!

  2. I agree w/Toon and a really sweet nurse is a powerful tonic too! You take GREAT care of me. Love ya Baby!


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