16 July 2010

for "toon"

Oh my fah~REEK~in gawd! I saw this and all kinds of wrongness came to mind. Enjoy!!

In a slightly unrelated matter {I actually found this pic when I was googling the image of "giggle sleep" for this post}; My Jerry told me an amusing tidbit this morning and I thought I'd share it here.

My Jerry's hospital bed is close to the front door, in front of the TV, near the windows. The bed I've been sleeping in for the past month had been the first bed that he slept in when he got home from the hospital. I moved it to the other side of the living area when they brought the hospital bed in and set it up. So last night, I went to bed before Jerry did and fell asleep. He watched TV for awhile {"How It's Made"} and then he noticed a sorta sighing sound. He thought it was my shaddow {she's a nine year old black lab} rearranging herself and settling in for the night, she sighs lots and then snores very rhythmically and deeply {I call it her Zen Breathing}. But then he started hearing lil sounds that sorta sounded like squeaking. Coming from my bed. So he got up, and wheeled himself over to my bed and looked close.

There I was, all snuggled with my hands folded beneath my chin, with a smile on my face, and I was giggling. For close to an hour or so, I giggled on and off. He said that it made him smile and soon he found that he was giggling just watching me and listening to me. I can't remember what I dreamt of last night, but it must have struck my sillee self just right!


  1. A toast! To overtly sexual pears and random giggling!

  2. I 2nd that TOON! Plus I just love to hear her laugh! It was time well spent.


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