07 July 2010

knowing your limits

Ut's all relative, and it's the little things that become bigger things when you have problems doing them. You never think about sitting up and how that affects various parts of your body and various systems' ability to work properly. So when My Jerry first started to sit up for longer periods of time, like a few hours; it would take it's toll on his circulatory system, and his leg would feel like it was thROBbinG like a cartoon character's sore thumb.

Yesterday was a huge day out. We met with a friend for lunch and then ran some errands, including going to the courthouse to renew our Yaris's tags. While we were there, I turned in his bike's tags for some miniscual credit and we asked what we need to do for a temporary handicapped placard. The lady, bless her heart, just gave us one for a few months and asked us to have the form faxed to her tomorrow. It was obvious that I wasn't making a story up, what with Jerry standing behind me with his wheeled~walker. I told the woman that just getting into the office, I had to park ... "in Jackson," she completed. Yup. And the state's capital is two and a half hours away.

Yesterday took it's toll on My Jerry today. He's worn out. Plump~tuckered. I guess I should be extra vigilant that he doesn't push himself to do too much. So maybe starting back partial days next week for partial weeks at work isn't such a great idea. We'll know more after tomorrow.

Tomorrow, Jerry gets about 45~50 staples removed from his leg. It's the general consensus that there will be immediate relief. Not that everything will all of a sudden be peachy~keen, tweeting birds will descend onto his shoulders, or that a glittery ball~gown will drape itself over him {cuz dudes, that would be weird, and I would seek confinement}; but he'll feel much better.

And boy has he been looking forward to it. Counting the hours, and very much impatient. Soon, Jerry, soon. I promise.

If I wake up to him honking the car horn tomorrow, him strapped in, his walker in the back of the car, and a steaming cup of coffee in the holder...I think I'll have to break his other leg.


  1. Getting through stuff like this is often all about marking little (and not-so-little) milestones as they happen

  2. Heh! Love this entry. And I am so glad the staples are gone.


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