10 July 2010

introducing, my jerry, an honest~to~god fashion~plate

This evening, My Jerry and I went out to China Garden. He'd had a hankerin' for sushi. {I just thought about how odd that sounds, "a hankerin' for sushi"} The buffet has a wonderful sushi bar at fair prices so that's what we did. Had us some sushi.

Then we headed down to WalMart cuz Jerry thinks he should oughta go to work Monday morning, for a few hours. Since he usually wears jeans, and they would be too heavy, and since the shorts he does have are WAY too casual; we needed to find a couple~few pair of acceptable leg~wear for work. Whilst we were there, we ran into one of Jerry's co~workers. So with her nod of approval, I picked out a few pairs of dress~casual shorts that would be acceptable for work~wear.

Jerry decided on a pair of dark grey cargo shorts, a pair of lighter gray with a sort of plaid pattern of what on closer inspection are dark grey bones {pictured in red here}, and a pair of khaki shorts. We got all three pair for about thirty bucks. I'm kinda wondering what he will look like in these, cuz they are soooOOOoooo not his normal wear. By god, he'll be a fashion~plate!


He's truly my special needs child.


  1. At least they're not jean shorts. Nobody looks good in jorts!

  2. Heh! That's me the fashion plate. (Just don't drop the plate on my knee.) :-) Love ya baby!


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