15 July 2010


My Jerry is enjoying the mental exercise of during partial days this week at work. Wednesday, I went to Jackson to see an ortho for myself. I'd had the appt scheduled in June, but changed it when Jerry's accident occurred.

My friend went with me, and Jerry stayed home. It was a good day, we had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom {mmmmmmmmm pizza!} and the folks at the University Medical Center were speedy and efficient. I do have plantar fasciitis in the bottom of my left foot, so now I have a boot to sleep in. I've been doing stretches for about a year, and she wants me to continue doing those {no problem}. I also need to order some inserts for my shoes. We gazed at some x~rays, and her main concern at this point is to arrest any worsening so that I don't develop arthritis. My main concern at this point is to not only halt any worsening, but hopefully stretch things to the point were I'm able to regain full usage with no ouches! involved.

So last night, as we were getting ready for bed, he scruching around in the hospital bed with pillows supporting his knee and me with my boot across the room in his grandparents' bed; I'd burst into giggles and said, "well, between the two of us, we have one good pair of legs at this point."

But I'd rather deal with tight plantar fascia then a fractured patella and tibial plateau. Besides, I think a major reason for the my complications is cuz I'm fat~~I gained fifty pounds in the past year. If you've lost them, I found them; you can have them back.


  1. Breaking down together keeps a marriage strong. ;)

  2. Yep - ARREST THAT WORSENING! or to quote Barney - "Nip it! Nip it in the bud!"


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