21 July 2010


Ya know all that bleaching, dying, coloring, etc that I did in late~winter/early~spring? Well, my hair got sorta fizzled with chemical damage. I wasn't to worried about it. Hair grows and mine does fast and thick.

Then last week, a handful of fizz broke off and I thought well, perhaps now would be a fine time to cut it. I had in mind what I want and it seems that I never explain what I want properly or clear enough to the cutting~dudes. So I cut most of it last night, and defined the general shape. And today, while I was doing some errands, I dropped in to see my barber~dudes. He fixed me up, but good!

After hours of dealing with lil snippets of hair stuck inside my shirt and bra, I practically stripped before I even got into the house this afternoon. I took a shower and here I am, fresh and clean, still damp.

I'm really liking it!


  1. Noce! But don't give Jerry a hard time if he notices nothing. We men are bad about noticing new hairstyles.

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