06 July 2010

rubbing off on me

For those of you who know My Jerry, you know that he relentless enters contests; but what you might not know is that he also sends folks thank~you notes. Sometimes those are letters so that bosses realize that a particular employee went out of their way to make a certain experience more pleasurable. Sometimes those letters might express extra appreciation regarding a product.

Now, I usually will note if someone has helped me in some way, expressing my appreciation to that particular person. Sometimes they are just doing their job, and that can be rare, since there are lots of people who are in service~oriented positions who do not seem to be aware that the nature of their position is such that dude, you are supposed to be doing what you are acting so put~upon over. So when someone in customer~service actually assists me and is pleasant about it, then I appreciate it and will tell them so.

However, I don't usually take the time to send a letter, or complete an eForm, or look up the "contact us" information to say, DUDES, your product really pulled thru for us. But this note I wrote to Walgreen's compliment/complaint dept's eForm is the exception. When I read it to Jerry, he loved it! I hope you find some humor in it too.

On Friday 11 June 2010, in the afternoon, my husband was riding home on his motorcycle after having stopped at the Starkville, Mississippi's Walgreens and purchasing the entire stock of Deerfield Farms' Jumbo Sunflower Seeds {which had been shelved earlier that day}. An elderly man turned his vehicle into my husband's lane and my husband had neither the time nor the distance to react {less than 10' at 40 mph}. My husband collided with the car, the road, the ditch, the wooden fence post, etc. He took a bruising, and in the process broke his C7 vertebra {in his neck}, fractured his knee and his shin, and took a rather hard blow to the head, along with some road~rash. My husband came to rest on his back, with the biker's back~pack filled with Deerfield Farms Jumbo Sunflower Seeds {seven 13oz bags} absorbing most of the impact that may have prevented further, more severe injury to his back. I thought you might like to know that we've found yet another use for in~the~shell~sunflower~seeds!! Have a great day! Grins, Debra Wolf


  1. That probably won't make the company newsletter, but I bet it gets passed around the head office!

  2. Yep - Love those seeds! (but love you more!)


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