01 March 2009

oatmeal and tea, to warm me

This afternoon, when I got home, I noticed my propane heater was not lit. Since I left with the pilot on, and since the pilots for my stove and oven were still on, and since I used plenty of hot water from my propane water heater; well, I figured that heater was finally giving up the ghost.

My electric heaters weren't getting the job done, but they were keeping it from freezing in here. Eventually, my landlord made it up here. A few weeks ago, I had the same problem. My pilot blew out, I could get it lit, but then it would not stay lit and so I couldn't get the heater to work. The landlord messed with it some, spent awhile with it, and then, poof! it worked. For awhile.

Tonight, he tried the same sorts of things. Finally, it lit. Then went out. He got it lit again, and then it went out. So he went down to one of the other rentals that is currently vacant, and grabbed the heater there. He brought it up, swapped it out, and then fiddled with it for awhile and POOF!

I have heat!! Oh, glorious heat! So I shed my scarf, my hat, my gloves, and my jerry's coast guard hoodie that he lent me. Now, I'm sitting in two pair of socks, my lucky shamrock sleep pants, and two very thick long-sleeved shirts. I'm still bundled up like Nanook of the North.

It's official, all my northern blood has been swapped out for the southern variety. I can't take the chills like I usta. It was bound to happen over the past fourteen years. 'course then, twenty five degrees is cold no matter where you are, esp if you are in a trailer.

{stickin' my tongue out at kathiest}

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