02 March 2009

sumpin sorta lahk thees, doncha know?

Come share in our joy and excitement as we celebrate our wedding on Saturday 31 October 2009 at the Oktibbeha County Lake just outside of Starkville, Mississippi. The brief but heartfelt ceremony will be on the pier at 2p, followed immediately til 6p with feasting, dancing, and other merriment! There'll be plenty of chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs. In lieu of gifts, Jerry and I ask you to bring your favorite side-dish to share. Please indicate what dish you might bring, as this will make planning and preparing for this special day so much easier and much more fun! Also, let us know if you need directions or help with arranging your accomodations. Hope you join us!!

{then i list my eMail and jerry's contact info} also enclosed is the reply post-card below:

Count us in! There'll be __ adults and __ kids joining in the fun. We'll probably bring: __________________

potato salad macaroni salad coleslaw veggie tray fruit tray cheese tray baked beans green beans corn cobbettes deviled eggs relish/pickle tray garden salad creamed corn yeast rolls fresh fruit (grapes, apples, etc.) banana pudding ice cream cups mini-cupcakes mini-donuts case of soda {there are merely suggestions, please bring whatever you'd like}

{the other side of this postage paid reply post-card is printed jerry's address and the sender's address}

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