05 March 2009

foot 'fecta: fit, fine, fond

i'm not the kinda girl who salivates over shoes. i think i own a total of five pair {well-worn naturalizer leather clogs; 7 yr old black doeskin knee high boots~~oh! so kick-ass; six buck crogg knock-offs; and...uhm...uhhh...?}, k maybe only three pair.

finding shoes that fit is hard for me. i'm not complaining, just saying, ya know? i have a very high instep, and the arch of my foot is curved so sharply that high heels actually feel better on my feet cuz the shoe follows the natural line of my sole. but i have weak ankles and the worst coordination and sense of balance you've ever witnessed a grown sober clean woman have. yeah, i'm that much fun.

so if i can find a shoe i like, and that fits, and that looks good...dude, trifecta!

and this shoe, omigawd...if i could strap it on right now, i'd be one happy girl....{sentence number 721 you thought you'd never hear and i thought i'd never utter}. and it actually is my size.

i think i sorta get the whole squealling omigawd-it's-the-shoe thing. sorta. i'm a loooooooooong way from foot fetish, but i think i can get why it's such a thing for some folks.

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