09 March 2009


since my jerry's an account with eBay, and since he showed me how to mark various items with "watch this"; well, i've been going a bit overboard with it all! mostly, i've been looking at wedding related stuff, including shoes. and then i started to look at shoes in general (not only those for The Wedding) and then i started looking at motorcycle gear (see last entry, i need a jacket).

thing is, i get kinda nervous about stuff that i didn't try on. ordering from a catalog is different cuz you can return an item if it doesn't fit just so. but most items on eBay are non-returnable. i have a weird fit for my foot, as i mentioned in an entry recently. so i am very hesitant to gamble on certain styles, cuz the arch of my foot doesn't neatly tuck into shoes that have a top enclosure. this means too that some shoes that have a closed toe, the enclosure extends too far up the foot and nope, doesn't work.

just call me cinderette.

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