19 March 2009

twenty tons of lemons

k, i've gone from watching no tv, to watching it on a fairly regular basis. when i did have tv reception, the only station i got was the local fox affiliate {cringe, sorry, sorry}. now, at my jerry's, there are infinitely more channels which showcase a plethora of material. some are pretty cool and wow, i could have been glued all day to the screen and learning all kinds of new things from the history channel and the like. but some are kinda sad.

and then, there is this new {new to me, at the very least} channel called "TRUtv". so tonight, after a very odd day involving a huge truck, some overly hormonally endowed teenage boys {whhuuuwAH}, and a huge dog house that is larger than some places i've lived...my jerry and i settled in to watch some mindless moments caught on tape in a show called "most daring". one snippet featured a huge tractor trailer which just sorta rubbed up against the guard rails on an overhead bridge, which caused the trailer to over tip onto the interstate down below. the load? twenty tons of lemons.

i LOVE lemons. so we watched it several times {i love this new fangled TiVo thingamajig}. cuz i kept getting the superimposed image of a juicer, a blender, and italian lemon ice, along with twenty tons of lemons dumping over cars and rolling under the speeding tires, creating this huge massive amount tidal wave of nice clean citrus juice. yeah, cuz i'm that much fun.

and it's super cool that my jerry indulges me this way.

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