11 March 2009

day in review

earlier today, i took a ton of paperwork with me to the "lil blue building", which is an uberkewl coffee shop downtown. i downed a few pots of decaf and whipped out letters, lists, and other literary liveliness. the owner and i chatted about all sorts of stuff, including ugly coyotes, feral dogs, animal control, biking, motorcycles, various favored roads, mountains, and drives that will knock yer sox off as well as take yer breath away...oh! and we chatted about The Wedding. I actually see it that way, in my mind's eye, The Wedding, with curlicues growing out of the capital T(he) W(edding); ya know all organic and wild and kinda groovy like that. It was very satisfying when he exclaimed, "cool! wow, i'd love to go to a wedding like that!" I knew he wasn't angling for an invite, but that he was really impressed with how fun it was, how simple and yet how exciting. It was sorta like this really cool validation that someone who is not at all involved with either the wedding, nor myself, or any of the other principals...would have such a favorable reaction.

{<----ppssst, that there table? that's "my" seat} So after I left there, I went to visit my friend who did my hair. She took out the cornrows and did simple twists. They look so elegant and sophisticated. Very nice. We visited and chatted and got all caught up. And then she had a surprise for me. She found a CD of hers that had a few of the wedding songs my Jerry and I picked. One was "tonight, i celebrate my love, for you"...her lil girls and she and i danced and sang all over the kitchen and the living room. and then, oh! then...sigh...aaaaaat laaaaaaaaaaaaaast {etta james, no one can do like she do it}. and then, percy, percy, percy...when a man loves a woman. her girls got such a big kick outta mizz debRAH dancing around and momma belting out the lyrics. Then I went to visit my Jerry. He was all cleaned up from his day of toting, lugging, cutting, and being a lumberjack. We caught up and then settled down to watch the rest of the Nancy Drew movie and the first episode of "ashes to ashes" {he had to explain the premise to me, based on 'life on mars'; i've lived a sheltered life}. We set our plans for tomorrow and then we bid each other g'nite.

But! When I said that we caught up, I didn't tell ya...a very special box came in today. Our wedding cake topper, a beautiful crystal heart engraved with our names and The Wedding date; lovely cake knife and server {likewise engraved}; and toast flutes {likewise personalized} came in! Oh whatta day!

*of course the names shown here are not ours, these are from the online catalog

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