23 March 2009

seasons change

i know that i posted the dress i'd planned to wear to the wedding/party; but when we went to order it, it was not available. so we went with this one. it'd come down to the two of them, with the other one being offered in the pine green that i'd wanted. apparently other folks wanted it too, cuz it's gone now!

not to fret tho, cuz this is similar in many ways, and it comes in champagne which is slightly more traditional. the cut and style of the dress is very much what i'd wanted; so i'm pleased as can be!

the cost is not any different, and chadwick's is quite honorable. i've ordered and worn items from them before and have been very pleased. in fact, fifteen years ago, i'd ordered my bridesmaid outfit from chadwick's for another friend's wedding. with the exception of me, all the bridemaids were school teachers, so the outfit was a softly flowing skirt/jacket suite in a teal that was perfect for much wear following the big event. i was teaching as well, but in college/university, so i'd gotten much wear cuz of all the faculty meetings and such. perfect.

this dress, that i will wear, is wonderful as well. i will be able to wear this many times to many events, and such, for years to come. it's simple, elegant and very versatile.

my mother just ordered it this morning and it will be delivered to her actually on my jerry's birthday {april third}. since mom plans to come this way after easter {as she is teaching basket weaving classes for several groups in this area, including staff/faculty for the county school system and also some of the students in several art classes}, she'll bring the dress with her. i'm very excited about seeing my mom again. it's rare that we get to spend so much time together, so often! my jerry and she are fond of each other, and we had told his mother that my mother is coming to visit, so they will have a chance to meet and visit. two of my jerry's daughters have already met my mom and mom got the chance to spend a few hours with the lil guy {who at that time was about four months old, he's six months now; and will have grown even more by the time she sees him again}. mom's never been in an all-fired rush for my brother or i to "give" her grandchildren. but she is pretty neat with kids and most kids {dogs too} draw to her like a magnet. probably cuz she doesn't force herself on them and lets them come to her if and when they feel like it. see, i gotta good teacher!

today, i've taken the day off from tasks. i spent much of the morning, catching up on some sorely needed rest {which i hadn't known i needed so much}. most of the afternoon has been spent with reading, i've gotten more reading done this afternoon than i have in weeks!

tomorrow tho, i'll be running errands and back into the groove {hopefully}. my jerry and i want to do some more sorting in his place prior to mom's coming for her visit. she'll help us do some things, like painting and deep cleaning. you'd think i've cleaned rooms deeply, but nope! not even close to scratching the surface. mom cleans so thoroughly that you automatically breathe deeply when you walk into her home. for weeks after she leaves my place, i can still catch a fresh clean whiff of mom lingering in the air.

as you can tell, i'm really looking forward to seeing her! have a splendid spring's beginning!

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  1. I love the new dress. It will look beautiful on you!


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