06 March 2009

fresh new baby scent

Last night, my friends Adria and her husband joined my Jerry and I for an impromptu dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (where another friend is the manager). Adria was wanting to hostess a at her place, but time got away from her so we just agreed to meet out. So after visiting with my Jerry's mother {happy birthday, sweeterpea!!}, we had a very nice dinner sans children {i love those lil girls, but sometimes it's nice just to be with adults, ya know?}

After that, we went to see the new baby {first born to the aforementioned manager and his wife}. Adria and her husband, the manager and his wife, and I usta all study the bible together. Adria's husband is an elder in their church and so they've hosted a bible study at their place on/off for over five years. That's how I met the manager and his wife, and now their lil baby boy.

So we went to see the lil one, and I got to play with the boston terrier who is just mighty jealous of all the attention that new lil critter is getting. We watched a smidge of American Idol {the girl from starkville made the top 12}. Chatted some about the engagement/wedding, received lots of congrats. Before I left, I smoothed down the top of the baby's head and then leaned close for a lil kiss on his lil forehead. And while I was that close, I inhaled that fresh new baby smell. I'd just said how much I love that scent when the visiting gramma {who omg looks wonderfully well and not like she can possibly have a full-grown son with a baby now} remarked that she could save one of his dirty diapers for me. She cracked me up, and then she rushed to apologize while I was still snickering.

I really like this woman! I really do! *snicker*

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