09 March 2009

shaddow's yard

My Jerry took this week off work to do a few things outside before the weather is warm and all his outdoor time must be spent on a riding mower, cutting down a few acres worth of yards. One thing he wanted to do this week was build a fenced-in area for my shaddow. See, she's used to being out here on this 500 acre farm and she isn't used to highways and busy roads and zipping vehicles. So, I was a bit concerned about her being outside at Jerry's cuz he lives on a fairly major highway, or what constitutes for such in this area.

So this afternoon, I dropped by his place. And oh! wow, what a nice fenced in place she will have there! My Jerry and two of his grandchildren were hard at work. Actually, the lil girl was "making the dirt smooth" {this meant she was jumping on clumps of clay and feeling all the cool squishiness that was so delightful on this rather warm day}. My Jerry'd laid out railroad ties along a nice lil perimeter, and then placed poles {henced the displaced clumps of clay} and ran a fence along the poles, atop the ties. This way he can weedeat around the ties and not worry about wrapping his trimming line around the fence wire.

My Jerry's grandson was helping him by holding the fencing in place while Jerry'd fastened it to where he wanted. His grandson is a good kid and was telling me that next week is spring break and then the following week, he goes to a science fair (which I think he placed at the local level, so this is the regionals) and also a field trip to the McWain Center in B'ham. I actually lived in the Birmingham area when the McWain Center first opened over ten years ago and so I had a chance to visit the hands-on exhibits and such. Way too kewl!

After my Jerry finished up, and took a shower, we hopped on the bike for a short ride down to visit his mom. She's such a sweet lady and I like to visit her. A few weeks back, I'd asked Jerry if I could see some pix of him as a lil boy. Well, his mom had dug out a few albums for me to look thru and most of the pix were very well labeled and they spanned from her parents youth (1930s) thru her as a baby and then as a young woman, married and with her own two babies. The pix continued on thru her two children grown and with families of their own with all the grandkids pictured and some of them grown too. Since I've seen a few albums at Jerry's, I've seen the continuation of his kids grown up and married and their kids as babies. Jerry's father was a bit of a card, he'd ham it up for the cam and I swear I've seen him feeding cake to every kid as a toddler!

We visited with his mom for a bit and then rode home before it got too cold to be riding in a skirt. We are having a few days of unseasonable warm weather but soon it will chill down so that the days are even colder than the current night's temps. My Jerry and I watched some of the original Nancy Drew (circa 1938) before he conked out and I put him to bed. He had a very full day and I know that shaddow will appreciate his efforts when she next visits!!

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