22 March 2009


well, today a vet student with a huge heart came by my jerry's and picked up a truckload of material and patterns and other notions. and by truckload, i mean that we filled the bed of the pick up, as well as the passenger's seat and the back of her extended cab. and her dog, an irish setter, i think, isaac, was very much the supervisor on this one! the vet student volunteers with several organizations and so she plans to use the fabric for quilts, laprobes, and throws for hospitals, elderly, and home care patients. way cool to know that it's all gonna be put to such good use!!

then my jerry and i went to town where we bought forty hot dogs, one hundred hamburgers, and one hundred pounds of chicken leg quarters. also, we bought ketchup, mayo, mustard, relish, and pickle slices. so we feel like we are getting a good bit accomplished toward The Wedding Party. also, we've gotten the magnets in, so i can start to assemble the invitations. tomorrow, i'll probably go start to print those and well as the labels and such. then this week, adria and i can emboss them all and put them together and they should all be out in the mail within the next two weeks. since i don't have my auxillary equipment with me right now, i can't post a pic of the magnets; so i'll try to remember to do that tomorrow when i am at home on the farm.

also, my jerry's mother asked us to pick a doll out of his late wife's collection for her. we asked her what sort she'd want, as there are large ones, small ones, bridal ones, ones dressed in farm costume and some dressed in victorian wear. then there are porcelain ones and...well, there are way lots. my jerry's mother told us she didn't care, whatever we picked would be fine. since her husband {my jerry's father} loved.Loved.LOVED fishing, we chose two dolls as a set. they are brother/sister dolls. they aren't too big, but not miniture ones either. one is a boy, standing with a fishing rod and a fish dangling there. he has a fisherman's hat on, and a set of overalls, and plaid shirt under it. tackle is hooked into his overalls and on the bib is an embroidered fish. his sister is sitting, holding a wicker fishing creel. she too is wearing a plaid shirt under her denim dress. they look so cute together that even tho my jerry's mother doesn't have lots of room, it'd've been a shame to split the pair. and since they aren't too big, we figured she'd be able to fit them in nicely with her decor.

so when we showed which dolls we'd picked, she absolutely loved them! so right now, they are perched right next to a picture of her late husband, the fisherman! they are right at home there!

i've not been crocheting very much lately, what with all the cleaning and all; but what i have been crocheting has been a late birthday present. {winks} and i still didn't finish the charlaine harris book. but, renew.Renew.RENEW!

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