20 March 2009

deader'n a doornail

a few weeks back, i'd mentioned that my jerry's been reading to me while i crochet. usually i listen to audio books, while i crochet; cuz i love to read and haven't yet gotten so skilled at either reading nor crocheting that i can do both at the same time. yeah, i'm skillz-impaired that way {big eye roll}. the first time i'd asked my jerry to read to me, he thought i was yanking his leg. but i explained that it'd be sorta like listening to an audio for me, and he'd get to read his book at the same time. yeah, i'm efficient like that {bigger eye roll}. well once he tried it, like mikey, he liked it!

so, he got me hooked on charlane harris and sookie stackhouse {the heroine of the southern vampire series}. he was reading a book per weekend {one before memommamia came here in february; one valentine's day weekend; and so on}. but we knew we wanted to start tackling some of the projects here at his place and that's cut into our Mutual Reading Time. so i've gotten the last three books of the series that're out (the ninth book is due out in may) on cd's from the local public library so that we can listen to them while we clean, sort, and such. i'm reading the book just before the audios start {cuz audio was not an option}, so that we can get started on those this weekend.

that book is: dead as a doornail. i'm about half-way thru. it's been taking me longer than usual, as i've been otherwise occupied and i've not yet figured out how to read and clean, or cook, or clear clutter {sorta like the 3 k's in german: kinder, kochen, kirche~~but different, an even biggerst eyeroll here}. so that's my plan for tonight, read and finish the deader'n book, before i pass out from my sleepy-meds {k, can't roll my eyes anymore; it hurts and i'm making myself dizzy}.

one of the things i like about this harris chick is that she writes more than just the suthern series. and our local public library has them. so yea!! yea for me!! yea!!

gotta go read now. cuz i'ven't yet figured out how to read and write at the same time. toodles, sweeterpeas!

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