03 March 2009

damn hot skinny bitch

so i stopped at the library for a few minutes this morning, cuz i usually do that on tuesdays. the lil library lady {*winks*} pointed me over toward the new titles cuz there's a book she thought i might like {flowers for the wedding}. once i was there, i picked up two other titles too. both of them i've heard of, and seen before; but haven't actually read. so now's my chance.

one is liz hartman musiker's the smart girl's guide to sports: a hip handbook for women who don't know a slam dunk from a grand slam. and i do. a slam dunk is a special from dunkin' donuts that featured two donuts and a tall coffee. and a grand slam is a breakfast special from denny's.

as you can see, i have a food-fixation. i love to eat. and i love food. so it would make sense that i love to eat food. see how nicely that works?

i just love the act of mastication. sigh. i often dream of it when i'm in traffic, or in line waiting to pay my electric bill, or when i'm breathing. just about any time that i can masticate, i do. in the privacy of my own home, with my jerry, with complete strangers, *gasp* and even in public.

so, it's an odd choice, my other library selection. it's rory freedman's and kim barnouin's skinny bitch: a no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!

then this afternoon, i swung by to show the invitation mock-up to my friend who is an artist and lending me her advice and also helping me do the embossing and fancy stuff. while i was there, she did my hair. first time, evah. we've known each other for about six years, but for some reason, i thought she hated doing hair. cuz imma goober, and replaced my burnt out light bulb with a very dim wattage {shuddup}, i can't take any pix that will adequately showcase my hair. so, perhaps tomorrow.

then, i stopped to see my jerry. he is very excited and showed me so much that my brain hopped outta my head and ran away to cower in the corner. after i realized that i was having an overload of catalog info, wedding party stuffs, and tacky tasteless horrors (wedding printed toilet paper?!?); i apologized to him for jumping with both booted feet down his throat and took a moment to calm my anxious silly self.

we went shopping and dudes! look what he bought me!! lindt's red hot chili dark chocolate. a firey fiesta for your mouth. i guarantee it. and it's so mouth-wateringly good that you will not be able to just nibble one square.

of course that means that skinny bitch will be at war with the lovely lindt's. but oh my...

...drool, drool, drool...


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  1. I LOVE their chili chocolate. In fact I have one here right now. The orange is good to but there's nothing quite like the 80% coacoa one!
    I love you, Skinny Bitch!
    PS: sorry I missed you last night. I was asleep already. Woke up at ten and saw you'd been a-visiting. Going through another bout of fatigue...


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