24 March 2009

cho's, cho's, n'mo' cho's

this morning my jerry decided to drive my fifteen year old car to work with some "for sale" signs in the window, with the hopes that someone in the vet school needs/wants a vehicle and would see it and POOF! match made in heaven. so i drove his TRUCK; it's a B.I.G TRUCK and i'm still not quite used to handling it. thing is, for such a BIG TRUCK, it's very sensitive {so we give it lots of praises and only speak positively while in it} and swerves at the merest sigh. it feels like it'd be too big to do this, but it turns quite nicely in tight spaces. amazing. i still park down in the lower forty tho.

at lunch time, my jerry and i decided to take my car to wm wells, the Fix-It Dudes from last fall. remember? yeah, i thought ya might. we are gonna see if Mr. Wm. will buy it from me out-right. or if not, would he sell it for me. Wm is gone right now, to somewheres up North, so we took all the stuff out of my car and left it there. I think wm will do me right, he's a do-right kinda guy.

so i zoomed out to my lil place on the big farm and took all that extra car stuff into the trailer to sort out later when i can think about car stuff and i loaded all my computer accessory stuff like the 3-in-1 (printer/scanner/copier) and my web-cam and my extra external disc (which had been my old c-drive so it's like two computers in one, i'm lucky like that, yea!! thanks, folks) and my jump-drive (or memory stick, or flash drive, or thumb whatever they happen to be calling it this week). plus some paper, card stock, labels, so that i can start putting all the invites together. the cool thing is that most folks won't need their's mailed, they're local and so we get to save on postage, yea!!

then i sweet-talked beider into letting me pick him up and load him into the BIG TRUCK and bring him over to my jerry's where shaddow will be thrilled to see him. poor beider was scared to death. and panted and drooled all the way to my jerry's.

beider is extremely wary of all critters, large and small. he has certain animals that he can be social with now, but humans are not on his short list. of all the folks on the farm {and we've all fed him}, i'm the only one that he'll let touch him. someone dropped him off at the farm a few years back, or he made his way out there; at any rate, he is a stray. but a year ago, he let me pick him up and hold him in my lap while my neighbor drove us to the vet's so that beider could get a lil neutering. after that, he sorta became my dog, as he'd sit outside my door and sleep in shaddow's dog house and all that. primarily, i'd feed him and water him and pet him and talk with him {and call him 'george'} .

he's turning into a gentleman, but is still people-shy. which usta aggravate my neighbor to pieces cuz they do lots with the animal shelter/humane society and haven't met a dog yet that they didn't love, mutually. so not being able to pet and handle beider just pisses him off. he keeps asking me what my secret is, do i use food to get him to come to me? and i tell him, nope, no secret. in fact, if food is in your possession, he will not come to you til you back away and leave the food alone. then he'll eat. but treats are not enticing to draw him to your company. nope. not him.

anyway, beider and shaddow are now reunited {and it feels soOOoo good!} in their safe space at my jerry's and they are having fun now sniffing each other's butts and licking each other's jaws and ears. which is way better than the other way around. beider will remain an outdoor dog, but now that he is here, i may spend some time with him and acclimate him to the hall or some such thing. eventually. but he needs to spend some quiet time outside with shaddow in his new surroundings first.

oohps, gotta go pick up my jerry. toodles!

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