03 May 2009

yippittee skippittee

i'm getting all excited cuz the kitchen, breakfast nook, and dining room are all coming together and will soon be finished so that we can move on to the rest of the guest rooms. the largest job at this point is putting the kitchen and related areas to rights. most shelves and drawers have been scrubbed and is ready for the shelf paper to line the flat surfaces. finishing the kitchen area also includes sorting and washing all the dishes, pots/pans, glasses, utensils, etc and arranging them. also we need to find homes for all the food items and such. once that is done, we can focus on the other rooms.

one of the larger room's ceiling and walls are ready for paint, then we can rip up the carpet and paint that floor too. lots of stuff that we have stacked other places can be set up in there, including three shelving units and cabinets that are currently in the living room. we intend that future room to be jert's and my office/study, with my tv/vcr and his vhs tapes, the sewing machines, yarns, his sports card collections, and the like. when that space where the three units currently are in the living room is cleared, we can move the h.u.g.e multipurpose/entertainment unit that is currently sitting empty in the master bedroom to the living room.

getting the study arranged and finished will then free up another guest room and the toy room. they can then be painted and arranged. there is a third guest bedroom that is ready for paint as well. that leaves the fourth guest room, the laundry room, and the room just off the kitchen where the deep freeze is. i think that the laundry room will actually only need to be cleaned and not painted. the room the deep freeze is in now holds stacks of pots and pans but after the kitchen is arranged, that room will be relatively easy to do, as i'm not thinking it will need paint either.

the fourth guest room actually is currently filled with items that will be placed in other rooms as they are finished so that that room will be easier to clean and paint when it is time to do so. at the moment, it is the only room that has not been decluttered cuz there is no where to go with most of the items we plan to keep, as they are waiting for us to finish other rooms so we've somewhere to go with them.

the front porch is looking sorta cramped at the moment, as it's been raining and things that we would have put elsewhere are piled there til the ground is dry enough for us to move some stuff to the outbuildings or til we can load the yardsale stuff into the truck and move it up to the garage. what's really cool is that we can see things coming together and everything is falling into place. i'm not sure how much we can finish before my mom leaves, but we've already done lots and know what we've to do yet.

this evening, we were sitting on the front porch eating supper and talking about how this is all coming along. it's just amazing, and i think everyone is pretty excited about it; i know jert is happy with all the changes and that makes me even happier.

one big ole happy fest going on over here! grins, squeals, giddy delight!

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