31 May 2009

wedding twins

jert's not been feeling too good since yesterday's showing of "star trek". i hate that he is feeling so bad. he's got a sore throat, clogged nose, aches and pains, and headaches. not nauseous. but diarrhea has made its presence known {and how!}. poor guy.

{oh, and he just stuck his head in the door to tell me that i oughta tell ya about me kicking him in the head...then he snickered: oh sure, he can laugh about it now! ok, here's what happened: friday night, at the outdoor showing of "cars", jert was sitting on his daughter's comfortor, cradling her three year old in his lap. i was sitting just behind him, with one leg on either side of jert. i needed to move, cuz propping myself up was killing my hands and arms. so i slid over and kicked my left leg over his head to sit to his right. and it woulda worked too, 'cept it didn't. my left heel connected quite solidly with his head, with a good deal of force, i'm sure. it's a wonder i didn't knock him out. his youngest daughter caught the two of us snickering and me apologizing and him holding the side of his head. and i hadda tell her, "oh yeah, i just kicked yerdad in the head. good thing i love him so much, eh?" sorry, jert, sorry. thanks for not dumping me off the bike, ya know, pay back's a bitch}

so, uhm yeah, jert's not feeling too good now. which suspiciously sounds strongly correlated to getting kicked in the head. date night friday night, kicked in head + movie saturday night, getting sick=po'baby alllllllllllllllllllllll weekend long.

in totally unrelated notes: last weekend's camping trip yielded an interesting mix of folks, including a couple who will be celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary as jert and i are exchanging vows. how cool is that, right? wouldn't it be neat if they came over to celebrate their anniversary at our party? awesome!

*hope you're feeling lots better, just like {SNAP} that, my jert.

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