08 May 2009

third wind {& then some}

well, after i spent a few hours doing rather light stuff {mostly wiping down some walls and removing some vent covers and cleaning them}, i didn't feel quite so spacey and woowoowoozee. i started to move some other things and clean behind them, and then, well...i pulled out the tv/dvd player/direct tv box and started to trace all the wires and hook-ups and cables and things and discovered five different cables and phone lines that went no where and were so tightly ensnarled with the other lines that it took awhile to get it all detangled. it was like i was one of those weirdass kewl dudes that you see doing very technical things. 'cepting i'm not. weirdass kewl, i mean. nor very technologically minded. nopee, don't got those there mad skilZ.

so i took my second shower of the day and got dressed in clean clothes and mom and jert and i went over to his youngest's for a great dinner. she's a really good cook, and everything was very good. she made meatloaf, mashed, rolls, peas, pasta salad, and mom's favorite dinner is meatloaf so it was extra special. and then, we found out that we were her first dinner guests and that was extra extra special. she's just finished rearranging things after having painted quite a bit of her home, and it looked really nice and i was glad to see how she has her tv and stuff set up cuz sometimes it's hard to find enough space for everything when you live in a smaller place {my place on the farm is very little, think an aisle at walmart lil} and i know how important it is to fit things just so.

after we left, and came back to jert's, my second wind continued and we cleared the porch of lots of the garage/yard sale stuff. then, we came back for another truckload of stuff that had been in the living room, cuz the porch was too cramped cuz of the rain. i was starting to wind down, but then got busy doing some other stuff and before i knew it, i was frantically tearing apart the one guest bath's dysfunctional sliding tub doors and the other guest bath's shelving units. i hate just stopping with a job half done, so after i removed the metal tracking for the glass doors (the doors are good, but the tracking was bent, pried open, torqued and twisted); i started to pry up all the old caulk and gunk that had accumulated under the tracking. ewwww.

while i was waiting for the solvent to losen up some of the caked caulk, i started in on the room the deep freeze is in. so, i actually got quite a bit done before i knocked off just before midnight. i would've kept going, but we've plans for tomorrow, so i peeled off my cruddy duds and took my third shower of the day. i feel soOOooo much better and am really looking forward to spending the day away from the house and all its projects that keep screaming, "do me! do me!" like some sorta warped porno {do me, debra, do me}. snicker.

so, tomorrow, we plan to stop to see the mom's and then to take my mom up to tupelo and go to the gumtree fest. it's really kewl and mom's never been. there are quite a few artisans and crafters on the square and altho i can't afford their stuff, it's very beautiful to see. there are some that actually do their work while you watch. one year, i watched a blacksmithy in action, which was a real treat and another year, i watched a lady glaze some of her stained glass windows.

oh! i'm off to start the new sookie stackhouse...later!

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