26 May 2009


this past weekend was just amazing. we'd been planning and preparing for this moondance camping trip for about four or five months, with monday being the mid-point between my first writing to jerry and our upcoming wedding. so we were very psych'ed!

also, we needed this weekend. love my mom, and so very glad she was able to stay for as long as she did, and are looking forward to her return visit; love the fact that we've gotten as much done as we have~~however, we really needed to be able to focus on just us as a couple and each of us as individuals. this weekend was the perfect way to do that.

yes, we did deal with some other outside issues. life continues and we are not automatons with toggle switches that allow us to flip between ON & Off. actually, being away allowed us to focus on some difficult areas with a certain amount of objectivity and dispatch that was sorely needed. so yea, for us!!

there were a few downers, namely dairy queen deserves to die...we ate there just prior to setting up camp and both of us got sicker than damn dogs gorging grass. thankfully, that episode was short-lived. and it rained for the majority of our trip.

since we were tent-camping, and employing LNT/MOOP {leave no trace/matter out of place} ethics, we had loaded and taken the truck rather than riding the bike. we pitched the tent and canopy in light mist and were able to ride out the worst of the downpours in either the tent, or under cover {the barn, or kitchen, or vendors' tents}. however, i adjusted my attitude toward the rain...no point in letting the weather rain on my parade!

the great thing about the rain was that the temperatures did not bake us. things stayed cooler for the most part. also, since we were honoring the elements of life, there really was a certain cleansing aspect that appealed to all involved.

without going into specific details, i'd like to give a huge shout out to the many wonderful people we'd had the honor of meeting and being with. also, i'd like to give mad props to jert; he really made this possible and was very receptive to a whole slew of new experiences and ideas. i feel calmer than i have in awhile and much more peaceful and happy.

we still have a ton of things to do in the next few months, yes. so this was extra rejuvenating and just what the doctor ordered! big huge grins and spins!


  1. I just want to add that we had a great time and when I get time (playing catch-up at work right now) I'll make my own blog entry. It was fantastic! Good times & good company. Debra- you make me happy.


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