29 May 2009

date night with the (grand) kiddies

our local community hosts a movie nite, using the outdoor grassy niche and the brick wall of the elementary school as a backdrop for a large canvas screen. people take blankets and chairs and coolers and treats and settle in for a few hours with the family, kids have a nice area to run about prior to the movie starting and once it is dark enough, the movie begins. tonight, the movie was 'cars', the animated star-studded voiced-over feature from a few years back.

when jert had asked me earlier in the week about going, i was all like, 'oh yeah, that'd be cool'. so tonight, when he got home, we did a few things and got ready. while i was with shaddow outside, jert's youngest pulled into the drive with her two lil ones. we had a nice visit and she decided to come on down for the movie nite too.

we stopped at a local snoBiz for snow cones, shakes, and ice cream and then cruised on up to join his oldest daughter and her family to catch the show. while we were sitting there, waiting for it to get dark enough to see the movie screen, jert remarked that four of his seven grandkids were there with us. his grandson who will be three this coming week, settled in pop-paw's lap and watched 'cars' (one of his favorite movies). the lil guy, who's eight months old and getting the whole walking thing down pat, was skooching around pretty good and cracked me up when i realized that his pacifier had the 'bubba teeth' like 'mater. the lil girl grandchild had a light up tinkerbell on her shirt and that was really cool as it started to get darker. the oldest grandchild wrapped up like a burrito and enjoyed the show too. i enjoyed watching all the kids scattered over the lawn, sitting on their 'lightning mcqueen' bedspreads, all kicked back on their car shaped pillows. all in all, movie nite was cool.

after the showing, jert and i thought we'd stop for a bite to eat at 'sheharizad's', a small middle-eastern place close to campus. oohps, they were closed. so we headed back downtown for a burger at 'mugshots', a bar which happens to close at 10p (oohps~who knew?). so we decided to give chili's a shot. we pretty much had the place to ourselves, as the summer semester has not started yet so most students are not in town. it was peaceful, and great service, and we ate ourselves silly and enjoyed being with each other in general.

the ride home on the bike was a tad chilly, but even that was a nice way to bring the evening to a close. next movie nite, i plan to wear jeans, as the dew lays heavy when the sun goes down and my legs got nippy in my shorts. good thing i had jert's nice thick hoodie!

a great date night! hope your weekend is off to just as great a start as ours is! grins, debra

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