27 May 2009

the whirlwinds

how the hell did it get to be this late in the year already?!?! dudes, it's soon to be june. that means almost half the year is {POOF!} gone. my mental soundtrack is stuck on 'floyd's "...and you run and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking..." as i scurry about like a frenzied rodent, wringing my hands and muttering, "things to do, people to see, places to go"~~well, ok, sometimes i do get that all jumbled too and it ends up being "things to see, people to do, places {clap.clap} PLACES! every one!!"

another semester is done. another school year for the kids is finished. soon there will be vacation bible schools popping up everywhere and parents will be looking for some relief from their young'uns.

we put the last of the camping gear up, dried out and waterproofed the tent and tarps, refolded the air mattress and the sleeping bags, and repacked the poles and such. that was a huge step that i'm glad we are thru with for the time being. i really need to focus on some other things, stuff that i've been letting slip for months now. uhm, like wedding invitations, cringe, i know, i know. sigh. i thought i'd've had them sent out months ago, but nope. 's-ok tho, most folks know all the details anyway!

i've begun crocheting yet another blanket tonight. it'll be one big ole granny square done in rounds of five. the center is a variegated pastels~~pink/blue/green/yellow/white shot thru with silverish threads. i'm also using a lemon custard, an iced mint, and a soft bumply pink. it'll be big enough to get all snuggly and cozy in, ya know, in those cooler climes. so i do have some time to do it, and don't have to devote every single waking moment to it.


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