15 May 2009

gooood morning, missAHsippEE

ya know how ya get something stuck in your head and then you start humming or even singing it without realizing it? and then, when you do notice, it's like you're powerless to stop the insane looping of one or two lines of song, or maybe even the entire chorus, or the first two lines but you can't remember the rest so you just keep singing the snippet over and over again, ad nauseum. the folks around you start grinding their teeth and throwing daggers at your stupid lil head.

for days now, i've had American Dad's opening sequence stuck in my head. particularly, 'oh boy it's swell to saaaaaaaaaaay, goodmorning usaaaaaaaaaaa'; ya know, the part where stan is driving with his palms up, and roger joins in from the passenger's seat and stan ends up shoving him down outta sight. ugh.


well, that leads to me singing 'it'sa beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beauTIFul day in the naaaaaaaaaaayborhood...' and because i cannot remember the end of that, i finish with a gusto, "...that nobody can deny" {i'm thinking that the mr. rodger's greeting is sung to the tune of 'for he's a jolly good fellow', whacha think?}. that's quickly followed with "on the gahOOOod SHIP lolleePOP!". by now, i'm actually moving in shirleytemplesque palms out swinging arms, and foolishly wide grins.

it's like a part of me is absolutely horrified and egad'ing all over the place, as my feet begin to step high and fast in the jitterbug shuffle. does hugh laurie make house calls? he isn't a doctor, but he does play one on tv. well, crap, sigh. i did it again.

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  1. i think the end of beautiful day in the neighborhood is...won't you be my neghbor...lol
    yes i have had that happen to me lots..i hate it.



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