28 May 2009

and then my mind went, 'wheee, whee, wheeee' all the way home

sometimes, dealing with service-oriented (snarky alert) folks tests my mad social skillz; cuz i'm proud of my ability to quash that urge to scream, "pull your head out and listen to me" while simultaneously restraining my desire to lunge forward, grabbing their ears and stretching them toward me. yeah, i'm that much fun. i could cite many examples, but one of two recent conversations with doctors' offices fit the bill, as does an extremely trying live-chat with my ISP representative {hazel, lying is never a good idea...particularly to a client who could go elsewhere, taking others with them; something ya might wanna keep in mind, esp since the chat was transcribed and sent to my eMail. i'm just saying.}

several years ago when i chose my gp {yep, i interviewed her for the position of being my doc. i figure, she's providing me with a service, working for and with me; i get to ask her a few questions prior to making the switch and filling out all that paperwork that no one looks at anyway}, i had to have blood drawn every four to six weeks so that we could regulate one of the meds i was taking and also so we could check to make sure my liver &/or kidneys weren't failing {no one likes to fail, no one}. this meant that the staff and i got quite chummy. it was to the point that i'd call, they'd recognize my voice at "hello". it also meant that i'd walk in the office, and the staff would have me processed before the door even shut {of course, those hydraulic hinges sllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooow things down lots; but still}. even the pharmacist in-house would greet me by name (and i didn't even get my drugs there).

all that was quite handy when i would not be making much sense, due to medication interactions; or cuz i was in the throes of a panic attack {my gp and my therapist are on close terms now, yea me}. i also try to make sure that i don't take undue advantage of any of this, and do not expect preferential treatment. most of the time, that is. there was that once about two months ago when i received jury-summons, again. but i think i told that story then.

and everyone calls jaynie ____, "jaynie"; that's the way she likes it. she doesn't really get all hung up on titles like, "doctor" or "md" or the like. it's one of the many reasons i like her, she isn't self-important.

i digress.

since my prescriptions only have one refill left, i figured it was time for me to make an appt to get blood drawn (i only have to do that about twice per year now, meds changed and so i'm good; my blown veins thanked the docs very much) and another round of meds w/refills good to go for another few months. so i called the doc's office.

receptionist: {mumble.mumble.mumble} ken ah hep ya?
me: yes, i'd like to make an appt for june, with jaynie.

rec: there's no june here.
me: i'd like to make an appt for sometime within the month of june. with jaynie.

rec: oh, juuuuuuune. ok. i have an appt tomorrow available.
me: yes. i'd like to have the appt sometime in the month of june.

rec: ooooooooooookay. with which doctor?
me: with jaynie please.

rec: there is no doctor jaynie here.
me: k, is this the ___ family clinic?

rec: yes.
me: k, does jaynie ___ still practice with this clinic?

rec: ooooooooooooooooooooh, jaynie...yes.
me: k, i'd like to schedule an appt with her.

rec: have you been seen here before?
me: yes, i'm jaynie's patient and my name is debra ____; that's spelled ______.

rec: are you sure you've been seen here before? i can't find you in the computer.
me: yes. i'm in there. for several years now, i'm in there. perhaps you might want to try again, my last name is spelled _ _ _ _ _ _.

rec: uhm yes, no. i'm not seeing you.
me: hm. k. in this area, the common spelling of my last name is with "a g and an h". my last name is not spelled with a 'g h'; it's spelled _ _ _ _ _ _.

rec: {pause} uhm {longer pause} aha! k, that's spelled ______.
me: yes.

rec: ok. and your first name?
me: debra d.e.b.r.a {knowing i'm the only one with that last name for counties and counties around, but hey, routine is routine, don't rock the boat}

rec: ok. so tomorrow at...
me: no. i need it for june. like next week or later.

rec: oh! why didn't you say so? {mumble mumble mumble}
me: { }

rec: k, so that will be june blah blah blah blah blah...wait! what's the problem?
me: excuse me?

rec: sigh. what is the problem?
me: check up and med refill, probably a blood draw and some lab work.

rec: i'm not sure i can make that appt.
me: { }

rec: wait, no, i can. i can do this. yes, so then that'd be june blah blah blah. with doctor xyz.
me: no. i am jaynie's patient. i don't see doctor xyz.

rec: oh. hang on. mumble mumble mumble. k, then. we'll see ya then.
me: on june blah blah blah? at blah blah? with jaynie?

rec: yes.
me: k, thanks.

rec: sure, no problem. glad i could help.

dude, i shoulda just showed up, waited til i one of the more familiar peeps was free, and made the appt with her. i'd've actually saved time even with the driving to the office than i'd spent on the phone with this person. and saved a few neurons too. that's me. alllllllllllllllllll about the neurons.

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  1. LOL! i love reading your DWD ("dealing with dummies")transcripts. I have little patience with them myself.


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