28 May 2009

mow, mow, mow yer moat

lightly lest you stick...

jert mows a huge amount of yardage, several acres. and since all the land he lives on usta be a working farm, grazing land, farming fields, and such; well, the grass is not so much as grass as it is weeds and hay. so he has a riding mower that tackles most of the area; tho there is a bit of landscaping to mow around and weed-eat. any way, the job takes most of a day, hours and hours and more hours galore. and the grass grows fast. thick and fast.

there's another element that makes it even more challenging. the land here doesn't drain properly. so there is lots of standing water, vast swampy marshy areas and lawnmowers don't mix. so not only do we need to watch for no rain, but we also need to have plenty of dry days prior to even thinking about mowing, let alone doing it. but jert doesn't want to wait tooooo long between mowings, cuz the grass grows fast and cuz it is so dense, it means that the dew never really burns off.

his front yard not only doesn't drain well, it seems to not drain at all. there are crawdad mounds throughout the property (i'd never seen them just dotting people's yards before) and a fast majority seems to be right in the front area. so there looks like a partial moat just in front of the huge front porch.

there used to be some children's toys out front, in that moated area. one was a thick plastic slide that sat only two and a half feet or so off the ground (for lil kids, mind). so when it would rain, no matter how lightly or how little, the front yard would look like a water park for toddlers. complete with a water slide for tykes.

thing is, the mud never has a chance to completely dry and so there is all manner of fecund growth out there. ooooooooooOOOooooo can'tcha smell that smell...? we've got the funk. again, the damn head-track plays apropos choruses repeatedly. ackAckACK!!!

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