06 May 2009

wake up, sleepee mee {oh what can it mean...}

somehow the entire day passed without me once thinking, "oh, hey, it's cinco de mayo". today, mom finished up the paint job on the breakfast nook, and we began to sort and wash dishes and place them into their new homes. the rest of the pots/pans, flatware, and other utensils will be washed and put away tomorrow.

there is a nice china cabinet that i think had been in the family for some time that is sorta darker so after we lined the shelves, i propped up jert's grandparents' china, with roses and gold trim. also in that cabinet are two lil bowls that jert had used as a child, one is a clear golden brown mother goose bowl with all sorts of lines from the characters' rhymes. the other is my favorite, a china pattern with acorns and fall oak leaves of green, darker brown, a lighter yellowish brown~ya know, autumn colors. it makes me smile to think of lil jert spooning his grits out of one of these bowls while visiting his grandmother.

another larger cabinet includes some cut glass bowls in a variety of colors, from a vibrant green, to a smoky gray, a lovely violet, some beautiful rose pink platters, and a large fruit bowl that has a bluish tinge. both those cabinets are in the breakfast nook, along with a few other pieces of furniture, like my small round oak table~just the size for a couple couples for a cozy supper, or a leisurely breakfast. tomorrow morning, we'll scrub and wax the floor in there, cuz i'd forgotten to do the final scrubbing before i set up the table and a few other things. oohps. sigh.

in the kitchen, we've a fair number of sets of glasses and dishes that are nicely displayed as well as all sorts of bowls, bakeware, and the like. i like things to be practical and yet appreciate beautiful things as well, so it took a bit of pondering before i put the first set away and then the rest fell into place. i love the pint jars with handles as everyday drinking glasses and the coca~cola pebbly glass pitchers. but my absolute favorites have to be the heavy china featuring a woodbine pattern that jert's parents used from the early 60s. to me, they're simple and lovely. they're a basic soft white with bluish green and tan leaves intertwined with vines of lil white and yellow flowers.

i'm really excited cuz this stage is almost done, soon the kitchen things will be taken care of and it will be time to move on to the next project. mom is leaving next week, and i'm not sure when she'll be able to return. we've got so much done, more than i'd thought we'd be able to do; but then again, she was able to stay longer than originally thought. however, there will be lots to do, after she goes. and some stuff will just have to wait til she comes back to help us do more.

yesterday evening, my mom and jert's mom met and spent some time chatting. we hope that one day before mom leaves, jert's mom can come over for a few hours and see the place and what's been done and also visit some more. jert's mom is looking forward to spending a few hours here and i hope she'll feel comfortable.

tomorrow night, jert's oldest son and his wife and their young baby will come for dinner. both of them are thru with the spring semester of school and have some time that is not quite as hectic with projects, assignments, assessments, papers, and the like. i think both are planning to take courses this summer, so now is a great time to come out! they've not yet met mom, and this will be a good time to do so.

friday night, jert's youngest is having us for dinner at her place. she's recently painted the place and has mentioned a few times that she'd like for us to come see. so, that'd be way cool!

saturday, we'll all ride up to tupelo's gumtree fest. there are all sorts of artisans and i love walking thru the square. i've wanted to take mom for a few years now, but since she lives eight hours away, i don't usually get to see her often. this entire cleaning/painting is part of her wedding present to jert and me. it's so very much appreciated too!

well, i'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard. n'nite!

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  1. Didn't realize the festival was this weekend. Guess I'll have to get out my walking shoes.


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