14 May 2009

bizzzzzzzzzzeee beeeee bizzzzzzzzzee


well, after almost four weeks of scrubbing/painting/waxing, mom had to return home. so we got most of the living area completed. well, mostly complete. we left the ceilings for another time. there's only so much you can do at any one time.

jert and i still have a few things we'd like to do, but not right this minute. yesterday, i set up my larger dining room table, cleaned it, waxed it and then covered it with a freshly laundered cotton green/white checked tablecloth. i set the chairs around it and hung all the window blinds and replaced all the switch plates and outlet covers.

there is a large corner cabinet that is simply huge, bulky, and needs to be taken apart in order to remove it from the house. it's that large. we've been working on it in stages, cuz most of the screws are two or three inches long and it's a fairly solid piece. so today, i removed the doors and most of the plates on it. there is one that is actually not accessable cuz there is another verticle board covering most of one side of it. that's sitting in front of the way from the breakfast nook into the living area which means that we need to remove that in order to move the large entertainment unit from our bedroom into the living room.

for the time being, tho, things are cozy, clean, and soothing. there is time enough to do some of the other things another time. tonight is an evening of minimal movement.

my mother had given me some black cherry wine just before we went our separate ways at the ark/miss border yesterday. so i've uncorked it to let it breathe and jert just got home from work (he's checking the mail), and we are gonna sit, relax, watch some season finales, crochet, read, drink wine, and be merry!

toodles, 'taterz!

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  1. sounds like a great evening you've got planned. Yahoo!


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