20 May 2009

whatta wonderful night for a moondance

wahoo! tomorrow, well, in just a few hours really; jert and i are leaving for the moondance fest, held in dragonhills, over in georgia. it'll be about a six hour drive for us, and we'll pick a site, probably up in the quiet area. that way, we have the option of joining other folks for a bit of rowdiness, but then can spend some quiet time away from others and enjoy some time for ourselves. we're really Really REALLY looking forward to that. sigh. rillee.

we're stocked on books, my cotton yarns to crochet potholders, casserole pads, and such. since we're taking the truck, we've got plenty of wood and our mexican fireplace, lots of water, lots of food, plenty of snacks, plenty of clothes, towels, my swim suitees and his too, and all sorta other things that ought to make it fun, Fun, FUN!! and relaxing and all too.

there are some seminars, workshops, and classes that we want to go to. a huge feast saturday night, and lots of downtime too so that we can be lazy and lax out and nap and read and all that other good stuff. wink.

and! our doggies will be receiving primo care and company whilst we are away for five whole days. yea!!! and! when we come home, it'll be to a nice neat place {albeit there'll be doggie furrballs to greet us}. so everyone have a great weekend, enjoy your cookouts, picnics, and other get-togethers. toodles! grins, me

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  1. Sounds fabulous! Did I tell you Lauren and I are going to the Faerie Convention in November??


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