06 May 2009

the lil man who came to dinner and the fools we became

my mom was never the sort of woman who despaired of ever having grandkids, she never nagged me by saying things like, "when are ya gonna get married, and give me some grandbabies?" while tapping her toe impatiently. still, it's super sweet to see her with babies. especially since i don't plan to have my own.

this evening, jert's eldest son and his wife came for supper and had a good visit. their lil boy is only four months old and provides a fair share of the entertainment. after we'd eaten, but were still sitting around the table and all, mom asked to hold the lil guy before he gave up the ghost and went to sleep. i always get a real big kick outta watching her interact with babies and small children, cuz she doesn't force herself on them and encourages their curiosity and creativity.

i'm gonna miss my mom when she leaves to return home. for all sorts of reasons, chief among them is that a lengthy visit like this allows me to observe her in situations that i don't normally get to see her in. like holding a lil guy who was intent on cramming all eight fingers into his mouth while staring at her's. you could almost see him thinking, "wow, wonder if she can squeeze all eight of her fingers in there?'

we're all starting to lose our momentum a bit. we know we want to get more and more done, but we also know we don't have a lot of time left and so we are trying to prioritize some. but it'd be unrealistic to think we are gonna get it all done this visit. we got a lot more done than any of us had expected tho!

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