23 August 2005

Was lost, but now am found...

I don't know that I will be able to spit it all out, or spin it so eloquently that it makes a cohesive tale to tell.  But here are some of the places I've been roaming.  Or haunting, or stomping.

Yesterday's NAMI support group facilitation training was a smashing success.  Thank you to all you how sent me notes of support and encouragement.  Now the others who are going to be co-facilitating know what to expect and what to do, and I think they are not quite so intimidated as they might have been, when it was a big unknown.

Next step is to establish days and times for the group to meet.  I have already arranged for the place, and for free childcare for the participants that need it, and transportation assistance too.  Then it's a matter of getting the word out, doing a press-release, calling Mental Health Care Providers who might want to refer their clients for support group (not as a substitute for counseling, but as a supplement).

So, once this last bit is done, and the group is up and running.  I'm pulling back a bit, cuz mania is escalating and I am worn out.  Gonna attend and be a member, but let the cofacilitators go for it.  They'll do fine.

My guy has been in a whirl of activity, getting ready for the second year of his PhD program.  He is taking on new responsibilities and projects.  As well as maintaining his work schedule and attendance of conferences and seminars.

So, last week, I was with him.  I couldn't sleep one night, so I downloaded some stuff and tweaked his computer.  It runs much faster and cleaner now.  Once again, my thanks to Victor and Andi.  Love ya guyses.

I missed three days of meds and have been reminded once again, that is  SO not the good thing to do.  I was driving on Sunday, so delibrately did not take them because some make me less alert than I need to be to drive.  Then Monday, I was so keyed for the day with NAMI training that I forgot to take the meds with me for the day.  D'oh.  And today, I didn't take the day stuff, cuz I need to eat with the meds.  But I will take the night stuff.  ahhh, sleep.  mmmm.

I need to improve my diet, my eating habits, my schedule of when and what I eat because of health reasons, but also because of med issues.  My head feels froggee and my body is not liking me too much at the moment.  I get physical withdraw symptoms almost immediately within missing a dose of certain meds.  And my body and mind is used to the mixture and when I mess with that, it is bad bad bad.

So, now, I need to rest and recuperate til I get my wits about me and find myself again.  See you soonest.   Love me

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  1. Everything seems so much better after a good nites sleep and the proper meds. Anne


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