28 August 2005

The case of the yuckees

This past week, I have been feeling drained, physically exhausted, mentally troubled, and emotionally a wreck.  It all has begun to manifest physically.  Last night, my joints and soft tissues were painfully throbbing and very hot in certain places.  My throat felt raw, with post-nasal drainage.  My ear cans itch.  Perhaps a slight fever was present.

This morning, I feel like someone zipped me through a meat tenderizing and now, in addition to all those lovelies from last night, I got the cruddee yellow snots.  Cuz that is TRULY reflective of how I feel.  Oh so lovely.

Ain'tcha glad I share?


  1. Get thyself to a doctor.........sounds like you could have an infection.   Anne

  2. Do what Mama said!

    (How did I miss this?)   And yes, my ears can and have itched...Anne has other itches that I won't mention right now.   HAAAAAAAAAAAA  (kidding)



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