05 August 2005

Monty's Python

Yesterday, I read about a woman who found a four and a half foot python snuggled between the dishwasher and the countertop.  He was basking in the warmth found there.  Apparently, the previous tenant left him in the apartment, cuz...well, he got tired of having a python.  So, not only did the duplex come with all appliances, but a rather large snake (a hidden benefit that not everyone appreciates).  This woman said that after her initial fright wore off, she grew very angry.  Cuz, ya know, what if it had been in her children's room?  They at age 2 and 3 are considerably smaller than the python, even the terrier would have made a lil bite.  But, no harm done, snake went into a pillow case (i wonder if it was one of the body-pillow cases?) and set for sale....

In other python news, this morning I read that a UPS dude found a nine footer in his truck.  He thought it was a stuffed toy or a rubber realistic looking albino python, til it raised its head.  Then he stumbled away from the truck and whipped out his cell-phone to call the local humane society for help.  They manuevered said python into a canvas UPS sack and carted him off.  The UPS dude said that he has no idea how the snake got in the truck, cuz it's against regulations to deliver live animals.  I rather doubt the python knew or cared about that particular policy.


  1. I would totally freak. I am not a snake person. :-) ---Robbie


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