01 August 2005

Thanks, Paul!!

My thanks to Plittle over here and the man behind CarnivAOL.  A few entries back I was saying what a twit I could be, using losing my entry as an example.  Paul offered a wonderful suggestion to me, in e-mail.

He said that I could right-click anywhere on my desktop and choose a new text document.  That way I could write the entry, then post it, with no fuss or muss like those annoying stylistic computer language do-hickey (my words, not his) that comes when inserting word documents into AOL journal space.

Yippittee skippittee!!!  It works wonderfully well.  Thanks, Paul!!


  1. You are welcome.

  2. Yup, Nanook is handy that way.




  3. that is a good tip........ I hate those do-hickeys too. judi


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