14 August 2005

Monty's Python, revisited

Ok, dudes, remember the python that was in the delivery truck that I mentioned a few entries back?  Well, if not, go read about it, then come back, I'll wait.  WE WILL ALL WAIT, cuz I believe in group solidarity, in some cases, but I'm digress...

The rest of the story is this:  there was a 19 yr old PA dude that ordered a female python to get in on with his male python, so they could have a bunch of baby pythons.  So, where ever he ordered this female from, they put her in a plastic tube, long and slinky, cuz ya know, it's all about accessories.  And then they put the tube in a box, long and well, boxy.  Cuz really what can you do with a box, besides look, boxy?

Turns out pythons are strong (no!!  gasp, who'da thunk?!?) and she perhaps got tired of not having lots of squiggle-wriggle room.  I dunno, maybe she was getting a cramp from being in one position for so long.  Anyway, she moved. and cracked the plastic tube.  And slithered out.  And hid amonst the rest of the boxes where there was probably a little more variety, cuz that's important.  And what's even more important, at least from her perspective, I'd imagine, is the knooks and crannies and dark spaces.

So the delivery dude delivers an empty long box to the other dude, who notices it is not quite as heavy as perhaps it should be, sssssssssssssay...this is empty!!  So python-breeder dude chases after delivery dude who doesn't see the pursuent.  Next, delivery dude finds python in truck, ack!  Enter humane society.  THAT incident is on record with delivery people so when the python-breeder calls delivery company to say, hey!  My python box was empty and what's the dang-deal?!  The delivery dudes can say, oh!!!!  and put all the pieces together.

End of the story, python-breeder claims female python from humane society, after showing ID, packing slip, and fax from delivery company explaining damn-deal.   The delivery dudes still aren't too sure how this happened, cuz ya know, they still don't deliver live animals.  That's their policy.  And they are sticking to it.

I wonder if the whole thing has been too traumatizing for the python to get freaky with the new male of her life...

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  1. I think they may well be a baby-pythonless couple for quite some time!



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