01 August 2005

Holy Schmoly Schmack!!

Looks like Friday's Freakdom on Monday...

So, I'm reading about this guy, who goes to a doctor cuz he's got a sore throat, running a fever, and experiencing shortness of breath.  The doctor takes x-rays of his lungs.  AHA!

The culprit is a lower denture consisting of 8 teeth.  Stuck in his bronchial tube.  OMG!

Seems he lost the denture...been looking for em for ohhhhhhhhhhhh THREE YEARS.


  1. OMG...............I haven't been able to find a couple of rings for around 4 yrs. Think I need an X-ray?  haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa     Anne

  2. Oh EWWWIEEEE!!!

    Stuff like that weirds me out!!!!

  3. WOW! Hope he didn't have to cough them up!



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